LangSource (anteriormente ArabicNet) es una base de datos que contiene reseñas sobre una amplia variedad de recursos disponibles para la enseñanza y aprendizaje del árabe:

This is a database of brief reviews of the widest variety of resources available for the teaching and learning of the Arabic language. The intention has been to be as inclusive as possible, covering all media from printed texts to audio recordings to online instruction; all levels of instruction are included, as well as all varieties of Arabic: Modern Standard, Koranic, colloquial dialects, etc. Self-instructional as well as classroom-based materials are represented; some materials use Arabic as the language of instruction. Special groups such as children, heritage students, and others are included.

Las reseñas han sido facilitadas por el consejo de redacción de ArabicNet, formado por Mahmoud Al-Batal, Roger M.A. Allen, Mahdi Alosh, Terri L. DeYoung, John C. Eisele, Gerald E. Lampe y Ernest N. McCarus.

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